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Blissful Proprietors

Maggie Shayne Lewis & Lance Lewis

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a new-age sort of shop? The smell of the incense and exotic oils, the very cool music that's always playing in the background, all the fascinating, wonderful, whimsical, magical things? The energy of it? I've always wanted a shop like that. So I planted the seed, and this site is its first sprout. I hope it will grow up to be a physical store. Won't that be cool?

My hubs is my partner in this, because he's always letting me drag him into some new adventure.

I'm Maggie Shayne Lewis, and I write books. He's Lance Lewis, and he welds and fabricates and 3D prints. We raise koi. I love bulldogs, he loves mastiffs. And we both love life and cultivate bliss every single day.

Take a look around the shop. You can use the sliders below to explore our newborn collection. 

Hope you find something that enhances your bliss.