Spells in a bottle! 

These charming little spells are made of ingredients chosen especially for their magical properties and charged with powerful intent. Wear or carry them to draw their matching energies to you. Like attracts like. This is the key to all natural magic, and the natural law that makes the Universe work.


Each spell is contained in a 5 ml glass bottle with an 18" faux leather cord. (Not real leather. No animals involved.) 


Spells include:

  • ENERGY CLEANSING: Himalayan salt crystals 
  • LOVE DRAWING: Rose & Marigold
  • MONEY DRAWING: Clove & Thyme
  • PEACEFUL HOME: Heather, Passion Flower, & Desert Sage


Magic is real, powerful, and present in every aspect of my life because I believe it is.  What I believe, I create, and what I expect to see, I see.
~ Ladyhawk, the Mythmaker





Bottle Enchantments

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