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These are beautifully blended from fine essential oils. These are not 100% pure essential oils, or they'd cost a lot more. But they do contain essential oil, blended with a base oil, to create a fine, rich scent. These are perfect to use with our oil burners. 


10 ml. botlles


Choose from Amber & Sandalwood, Musk, White Sage, Dragon's Blood, or Frankincense. 

Essential Fragrance Oils from India

Choose your scent!
  • Amber & Sandalwood: Amber is actually "ambergris" but don't worry, it's man-made, not taken from any whales. It's an attractive/magnetic oil that, like musk, attracts men or women, love, mates, and enhances sex appeal.

    Sandalwood: this is a receptive or magnetic oil, associted with the moon and the element of water. Sacred to goddesses, especially moon goddesses. Wishes, spirituality, love, positive energy, purification.

    The combination makes this oil a powerful love potion.


    Musk: A magnetic oil used in love charms, good for attraction men or women, and enhances one's sex appeal. 


    White Sage: Energy is Projective, Planet is Jupiter, element is air. Immortality, longevity, wisdom, wishes. Used in countless healing and money spells. Sage is my go to herb for cleansing my home of negative energy by filling it with positive. 


    Frankincense: Energy is projective, planet is the sun, element is fire. Expansive, protective, also highly spiritual. The reason it drives away evil is because it raises the vibration so high nothing less can reside in its presence. 


    Dragon's Blood: Energy is projective, planet is Mars, element is Fire. It increases potency of any other blend to which it is added. It's excellent for repelling negative energy, protection, love, vitality, potency, life force.