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You must choose overnight shipping during checkout. We only ship live fish in the continental United States via overnight shipping. If it costs less to ship your fish than our system's estimate, we will refund the difference quickly, every single time.


Our koi farm is in its first year of business, and we have some real beauties for sale. These are Kin Matsuba (also called Ki Matsuba.) Kin refers to the bright metallic yellow gold base color, while matsuba means pine cone and refers to the dark pine cone pattern overlay on the body of the fish.

These baby koi are currently 4" to 5" in length. 


Fish must be shipped via overnight delivery, and we can only put two fish this size into a single container. 

Kin Matsuba Koi Fish

  • When your fish arrive, set the bag into your pond, still sealed, for about an hour. This gives the water temperature in the back time to match the water temperature in your pond or tank.

    Most professionals recommend putting your new fish into an isolation tank for a few weeks, before adding them to a pond where there are already other koi. This is just in case any problems crop up.

    Once added to your pond, the fish will often hide for several weeks, while they adjust to their new surroundings.

    If any fish arrived dead, take a photo immediately, and we'll issue a full refund. 

    We are always available to answer questions. Just email us.

  • 2000 gallon pond capacity is the minimum and in that size pond you can safely keep 1 to 10 koi.

    For more than 10, you'll need another 250 gallons per fish. 

    If you live in places with cold winters, you will need 4 feet of depth for your koi to be able to winter over. They will go into a torpor state, where they just float near the bottom, barely moving, seldom even eating. They live off their fat until spring.