These candles use herbal and Reiki energy to fill your space with vibration that matches your intent. Handcrafted in New England (where else?) they use natural, metal-free wicks. 


7" tall by 1.5" diameter.

Approximate burn time: 25 to 30 hours.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Besides what would be the point? You want the candle burning to support and enhance your own energy. You have to be present for that.



Suggested Use

Burn for a little while each day while visualizing your goal.


After 3 nights, change your focus to finding and identifying tiny pieces of your bigger goal, clues about it, signs suggesting you're getting closer. Acknowledge events that had you feeling the way having your goal will feel. Find those little echoes of it, right there in your already-everyday life. Focus on THOSE, while your candle burns. 


Then to seal the deal, write those things down. 


If you can accomplish this nightly ritual without activating a feeling of lack (of longing for a goal that isn't yet there, of sadness because it's not there yet) then you'll have it.


You must look forward to your goals as a child looks forward to Christmas. There's never any doubt it's coming, so it's all just excitement, and making wish lists, and imaginging how it's going to be. 


That's how you have to feel while using the candles. 

Reiki Energy-Charged Herbal Pillar Candles

Choose Your Goal

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